Hearing Noises In The Attic??

Do you hear bumps and the pitter patter of little feet? Is the sound so loud it seems like someone is walking around up there?

It could be you have mice or Flying Squirrels!

Field mice are coming in and will nest in attic spaces, which to them are like big hollow trees. Often hearing noises like marbles rolling across the ceiling are indicative to a mouse infestation. The mice will bring in acorns and roll them across the ceiling! Mice are great climbers and gaining access to the attic is no problem for them. They can squeeze into a hole the size of a dime!!!

If the noise is louder, the culprit may be flying squirrels! Yes, we do have Flying Squirrels in Massachusetts. However, they don’t actually fly; they glide from tree tops. Flying squirrels are chipmunk size animals that are nocturnal, meaning active at night. In the winter they become very social. They may visit a house in great numbers, creating a very loud disturbance late at night. We have excluded up to 20-30 Flying Squirrels from one house!

So if you’re hearing noises at night be sure to contact us and set up an inspection, so you can regain your sleep at night.